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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Etsy Apps

     Let me start of by saying team Epsteam had a wonderful Treasury night on Etsy last evening.  It is nice to feel the community though we are all from very different towns and cities.  The treasuries I created, generated over 800 clicks for 32 items of my Epsteam teammates.  It is great to do something nice as a group for each other.

     Today I am learning about Etsy Apps.  I did not realize they existed until I saw a shop that had prices with a line through them and the discounted price show.  This looked very nice and when I could not find information about this feature on the Etsy help site, I turned to the Etsy Help Team.  I used a key word search within the Team's discussions and found that the sale feature was an Etsy app from an outside company.

     Etsy on Sale was the name of the app I was looking for.  I have not yet tested the app I will let you know more later.  I have actually been to busy activating other apps.  I just created a coupon using NerdWallet a wonderful active coupon facility featuring independent businesses from all over the web.

My new coupon there when finished will be here

I will post comments on this post as I go through the Etsy apps if I find anything exciting or useful.

     Etsywishlist seems to be the next interesting app I have found.  It allows you to make a wishlist of items you want people to buy for you or for yourself to buy in the future.  This also allows you to favorite as much as you like and have a more select purchase list here.

It turns out after some time, The Nerdwallet is a much better app than the etsywishlist so far for me.

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  1. I added a second coupon on Nerd Wallet